Norrköping Airport – Airport solar park trend continues

2022-03-28 – Norrköping airport makes a positive news release on their facebook and press release.

Norrköping Airport in Sweden are part of the Green Airport project which is now drawing attention to the Norrköping airport plans. The Green Airport project overall goal is to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions at regional and municipal airports and make it possible to refuel electrofuel aviation fuel and charge electric aircraft as technology develops.

Norrköping Airport has the ambition to be at the forefront when the aviation industry shifts to a fossil-free future. Now they want to use the airport green areas next to the runway to build a solar park. By installing solar cells in a safe way, the possibility of commercial electric flights at the airport would also be feasible.

Green Airport is a project that unites the regional airports in Sweden for sustainable travel. How airports should prepare for future electric flights are issues that Green Airport works with for all participating airports, including Norrköping airport.

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